Useful tools for leadership, or just being organised!

Be prepared Mr BeanThis week I want to share some of the tools I use regularly to either develop my own skills (including through learning from others) or to stay organised. I am often asked how I do so much and these are some of my secrets.

MindTools – I am signed up for the free newsletter through MindTools and have found on more than one occasion that an article comes through at just the right time for me. Whether it’s having difficult conversations, getting the most out of a team or assessing your own strengths and weaknesses, this website has the info you need. It also has a really comprehensive app for smart phones.

Grammar Girl – Ok…so mostly to indulge the inner nerd, however this podcast/website/newsletter (again, FREE) answers some of the grammatical mysteries of the world. I’ll admit it, I’ve been subscribed to most of the ‘Quick and Dirty Tips’ podcasts at some point or another.

Evernote – I LOVE this app. Blog ideas (or the whole draft). Photos of things I need to remember. Recordings. Word docs. Much like IRL (in real life) I need something that can keep all of the madness in one place, and Evernote is that! It also has a tag and search function, you can search by place, and keep different note pads. <3

TwitterTwitter – There is an amazing amount of knowledge on Twitter. Follow the people that share your interests, or do the things that you want to develop, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. There’s a huge amount to be gained professionally and personally. Network, share, question. Set up Twilerts for conversations you want to follow, use Hootsuite to keep track of your social media accounts and your set.

Networks – no link for this one, but find out what you can about the existing networks locally for your chosen area. For me, it’s youth networks. I know who they are and link in where I can, know the websites and contact details etc. Often professional development opportunities and news items are shared through these mediums.

Finally, those who know me also know I need to practice self  care a lot more, and I’m the first to admit that I need to make as much time for that as I do the other commitments in my life. For a bit of self  care, I love these:

Meditation Oasis – the ‘Deep Rest’ podcast and some of the other guided meditations have made beginner meditation easier. It’s quite a personal experience, so this one might not be your cup of tea, but experiment. There are some fantastic guided meditation podcasts out there.

Smiling Mind – meditation for young people. This has a website and an app. It’s great to find such a great resource to teach mindfulness at a younger age.

What tools help you develop your skills and stay organised?

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2 thoughts on “Useful tools for leadership, or just being organised!

  1. Thank you for recommending our podcast. This looks like a great list of tools, and I will look into some for myself. I’m so glad you’re including rest and meditation as important tools for leadership and being organized!

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